Create the life you want and deserve to live…it’s a journey!

– Are you an accomplished being, hungry to orchestrate a new chapter in your life, and wanting to make it matter?

– Are you finally willing to take seriously what you are experiencing?  That a deep part of you may be “calling” for change? 

– Are you over 60, aware of entering your third and last chapter of life, eager to deal sooner than later with the essential conversations that will allow you to uncover and live out your  purpose on the planet?


If “yes” you’ve landed in the right place!

CIMG0258HERE is where you can step up to the life that is yours to live,  no matter what anyone else thinks.  It’s time!

HERE is where you can review your life, give voice to your dreams, and deploy your unique gifts for the years that remain.

HERE is where you can grieve life’s endings, master the art of transition in very practical ways, and welcome the joy, purpose, and peace of mind you seek, all the way to the end.


I am Martha Johnson, Life Journey Guide and Sane Sounding Board

Thank you for landing here and looking around.  Feel free to check out a bit of my story.   If the issues listed above resonate with where you are in your journey, perhaps it is time to take a pause on behalf of the life you want.

Know that I welcome, honor, and offer perspective for, all the gifts of a journey into your next life chapter, whether they be the pesky nagging questions about meaning and purpose, disappointments and regrets, or the hopes, dreams, options, and possibilities that whisper to you.  If you are ready to start making sense of your “call” for change, and to craft the life you envision for yourself, please reach out and start the conversation:


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